Thank you all who took part in the Artificial Overmind Challenge! It was an exciting finale, but in the end only 1 team could win. The whole team behind the challenge congratulates the winner SLUDGEMENT!

After the exciting finals, Starcraft II Word Champion Serral fought a Zerg vs Zerg against SLUDGEMENT.
This time, humanity wins!


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Serral playing against SLUDGEMENT
Serral playing against SLUDGEMENT
Artificial Overmind Challenge

What next?

Will there be a Season 2? The first rule of Season 2 is that you don’t talk about the Season 2.

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And one more thing. We’re always looking for developers who won’t shy away from a challenge.

Final Rankings

  2. spuddeTerran
  3. Sharpened EdgeProtoss
  4. Team TapiiriTerran
  5. BaseTradeZerg
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Practice Ladder Highlights

aoc_proxy vs archontoilet
themuszero vs valohai
sludgement vs spudde

Why we created the Artificial Overmind Challenge

It all began with a single developer at Reaktor who wanted to combine his love for programming with StarCraft II - the greatest strategy game invented since chess. In his spare time he created a library which would allow him (and any other developer who was interested) to build their own bots to play StarCraft II.

This idea turned out to be very popular inside Reaktor, with dozens of developers taking part in our first ever build-a-StarCraft-II-bot hackathon. Which then lead to a question. Since people seemed to like this idea, why not open up it to include any interested developers around the world?

And so the Artificial Overmind Challenge was born.

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