Welcome to the Artificial Overmind League

The rules are simple: build an AI in Python that can play StarCraft II, outsmart the other players, and rise in the rankings.

Once per month, Starcraft II World Champion and gaming icon Serral will face off against the top rated bot - and we’ll livestream the match. The second match against Serral will be played June 23th.

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  1. sludge2 Team country Zerg
  2. Naruto Team country Protoss
  3. Sharpened Edge Team country Protoss
  4. TheMusZero Team country Zerg
  5. dub Team country Terran
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Download all replay files from the Artificial Overmind Challenge finals, January 2019 (SC2 replay format)

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Match Highlights

Matches from the Artificial Overmind Challenge 2019

aoc_proxy vs archontoilet
themuszero vs valohai
sludgement vs spudde

Why we created the Artificial Overmind Challenge

It all began with one developer’s determination to combine his love for programming with e-sports. He developed a library that allowed him (or anyone) to develop bots to play StarCraft II. The idea proved popular inside Reaktor, and the Artificial Overmind Challenge was born.

In January 2019, we invited gamers and developers in Finland to take part. Over 100 teams signed up, and the 5 best took part in the grand finals in Helsinki. Starcraft II World Champion Serral joined the party, and challenged the winning bot to a match. That time, humanity won.

Now the story continues.